5 Songs You Should Listen To (if you want to, you’re allowed to hate them too)

This post is not to overshadow the suggestions/preferences of my fellow bloggers nor is this list meant to discourage the future posting of theirs concerning the vastly divergent topic of musical choice. For me, music has been a part of life from experience at home, performing, and “mirror” concerts that produce a brand of karaoke I wish to keep between myself and the man in the mirror. My mother’s career and education heavily involves music that deals with the preferences of older adults and the correlating genre/era of music they tend to enjoy and remember. My upbringing involved a heavy influence on church and, as a result, I participated in church choir for 14 years. I sang in school, in chorus and in musicals, as influenced by my two older sisters who did the same before me. All five of my family members sing and we have performed in family recitals, weddings, funerals, church, and so on. Growing up with so many talented musicians and especially vocalists I learned from an early age that the art and technique involved with producing music meant nothing if you couldn’t enjoy it or take something away from it. But, most importantly, all I could do with my family was sing and recreate what someone else already had. Loving music is appreciating how unique each of those creations are. Embrace the variety, keep your standards high, give the lyrics the credit that they deserve, and try to appreciate music as an art form not a product. You do not ask Van Gogh why the cloud swirl in Starry Night looks the way it does…I try to approach music the same way. I love these five songs for completely different reasons so that’s exactly why they are all on one list.

1. Alt-J Breezeblocks

2. Billie Holiday-I’ll Be Seeing You

3. Feist-Gatekeeper

4. Fleet Foxes-Montezuma

5. Radiohead-Jigsaw Falling Into Place