Meet the Writers

Primary Administrators 

Daniel California……… is a Philadelphia Phillies, Flyers, Washington Redskins, and Utah Jazz fan. He enjoys Classic and British Rock, with a side of Grunge every now and then. He considers I, Robot to be his favorite movie, with the Halo series being his preferred choice of games. In real life, Daniel works in Inventory Control at a major Central Pennsylvania grocery distribution center as a claims and customer service rep. The details of his old job and consequential firing because of his blog writing can be found at  Mr. California aspires to one day work in the rehabilitation side of law enforcement, or become a rich and famous novelist.

Thurston Howell……… is a music obsessive sports fan who enjoys a good novel, PlayStation gaming, film, and the late great critic Roger Ebert’s reviews. He enjoys business, tracking stocks, and investing in the stock market alongside a tall glass of lemonade. He is a college graduate currently working in the insurance field, and is in love with anything Baltimore Orioles and Indianapolis Colts. Mr. Howell first started occasionally writing for the blog,, and hopes to one day do something worthwhile with his favorite hobby of all things music.

Samuel Madison………. is an avid fantasy sports manager, a political observer, and studied both History and Political Science in college. Mr. Madison is a beer enthusiast and coffee addict. Although cynical in his observations about how the world works and the future of humanity, there is one constant beacon of optimism in his life-the New York Yankees. His fantasy advice and sports prognostications should be considered as the word of God, and his political diatribes should be considered your daily intellectual blood pressure checkup. Debate inspires learning like a Mariano Rivera cutter breaks bats. Keep throwing inside and good things happen my friends.


Jonathan Drama………. is a modestly poor college student, hoping to one day strike it big in the world of social work.   Drama enjoys a strong debate with any and everyone over the topics that matter most… Politics, Religion, Sports, Films, Music and Gaming.  Of course, when individuals reveal their level of ignorance, he will always find time to educate them on the ways of their intellectual bliss.  As a die hard Steelers and Orioles fan, he has waded through years of heartbreak and loss, to finally taste the sweet nectar of success. So through years of refinement and a healthy dose of cynicism, he is ready to unleash his truths to the world.

Susan B. Johnson………. in the words of blog founder, Daniel California, is to be the “intelligent female perspective” of this establishment and will try to do justice to that title. Having studied Media and Political Communication in her undergrad, Johnson is interested in environmental factors that influence the beliefs and opinions with which people define themselves. She enjoys people who challenge her to question why she holds certain beliefs and from where they originate, a frequent occurrence at this blog. Interests of discussion include religion, sexuality, gender, political affiliation, popular culture, nationalism, capitalism, and corporatocracy. Favorite scholars, who happen to be feminists, include Judith Butler and Laura Mulvey with waves to respect to the namesake, Ms. Anthony as well.


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