The Anchorman 2 Review – Does the Legend Really Continue?

The second Anchorman movie starring Will Ferrell as legendary newsman Ron Burgundy does what few comedy sequels do nowadays. 1) its run at my local movie theater, along with the gutter trash that is 47 Ronin pushed films American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street out to make room to show, and 2) it is a sequel that is not a carbon copy of the first movie as it took nine years to finally be made and released.

Anchorman 2 : The Legend Continues picks up right where the last movie left off, with Ron Burgundy and wife Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) being famous evening news actors, this time for a prestigious news firm in New York City. Things come to a head when nightly news anchor Mack Tannen (surprisingly played by Harrison Ford), announces his retirement and declares that one of them, specifically Veronica, will be his replacement. Ron, in turn is fired because of his numerous on-air screw ups, being deemed by Tannen to be the worst news anchor he has ever seen. Ron is completely dismayed, as his ego can’t handle such insult, so he issues an ultimatum to Veronica that it’s either him or the news job. Only an idiot would make such a statement, Veronica concludes, and Ron is kicked out and unemployed.

Being the “legend” that he is though, Ron isn’t out of work for too much of an extended period. He returns to San Diego and is barely able to hold a job, and in one of the funnier scenes from the movie, is ultimately being fired from an emcee gig at Sea World for being drunk on the job and making crude depressing comments. After a failed and rather lame suicide attempt, he is approached by a hiring agent (played by Dylan Baker, Dr. Curt Connors in Spiderman 2 and 3) for the GNN (Global News Network) a new 24 hour news network that is just starting in New York City. Enticed by the opportunity to return to doing what he was born to do (reading the news), Ron goes on to recruit his old team to take back the news with him (David Koechner, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell). Throughout the rest of the film, Burgundy takes his team back to the number one spot in the nation, raises a shark, goes blind, and lives in a lighthouse besides doing what he was born to do. And of course, there’s the obligatory news team battle that features an overkill of cameos including Liam Neeson, Jim Carrey, Kirsten Dunst, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kanye West, Vince Vaughn and Will Smith.

Anchorman 2 really is a different kind of comedy, a little different than expectations would normally be. Ron Burgundy’s team is at first placed on the graveyard shift, because they were deemed to be the least talented group of news anchors. Ron lets his ego get in the way from the get-go, as he foolishly places a bet with the daytime news anchor on who can get the highest ratings. Burgundy then develops a plan that instead of telling the world the news that is normally reported (weather predictions, politics, crime), they will broadcast what the world wants to hear. So they start showing only sports highlights, car chases, cute animal stories, live dangerous weather broadcasts, and other feel good and entertaining stories that shoot the GNN’s ratings through the roof. Other news networks rush to emulate them, at the cost of journalistic integrity everywhere. This is where The Legend Continues deviates from other comedies, in that the central meaning of the movie is woven throughout the plot. It lampoons MTV News, E! News, Yahoo! Front Page News, and everything that we’re supposed to believe is “news” nowadays. Instead of paying attention to what matters most and has the most influence on our lives, we’re bombarded with images from the red carpet, what celebrity is dating who, and what the newest adorable kitten can do when wearing a sweater. Anchorman 2 successfully satirizes this aspect to the highest degree, which is mostly where the film succeeds.

Of course as expected with a Will Ferrell movie, comedy is going to be the core, most of it rather crass. The jokes in this movie aren’t nearly as successful as The Legend of Ron Burgundy, as some of the fall quite flat resulting in a few forced laughs of the idiot genre that Anchorman dwells in. I found myself laughing a little bit more than I would like to admit, with lines such as “Who the hell is Julius Caesar, you know I don’t watch the NBA!” becoming stuck in my head along with the image of Steve Carell gnawing on a head of lettuce and barking “Gin!”. The jokes don’t come as natural as in the first, and it doesn’t measure up to the other major obscene comedy of the year, This Is the End.

For a comedy sequel, Anchorman 2 : The Legend Continues does very well. Most comedy sequels either fail to reinvent themselves (The Hangover Part II) or are simply straight up garbage (Austin Powers in Goldmember)Anchorman 2 treads lightly on the line that is “not funny”, and could well hit that mark if it proceeds to a third installment, much like The Hangover “franchise”. For the time being though, this movie succeeds for some different but interesting reasons. 6.5/10

My 2013 at the Movies (ranks in order of best to worst of movies I have seen that have been released during 2013)

1. Rush

2. Star Trek Into Darkness

3. Man of Steel

4. Catching Fire

5. Pacific Rim

6. This Is  The End

7. Despicable Me 2

8. Monsters University

9. The Great Gatsby

10. Oblivion

11. The Wolverine

12. Elysium

13. World War Z

14. Anchorman 2 : The Legend Continues

15. The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug

16. Oz the Great and Powerful

17. Fast and Furious 6

18. Iron Man 3

19. Hangover Part 3

20. Thor : The Dark World

21. A Good Day To Die Hard


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