NFL Week 3 Picks

Last Week: 3-2 Overall: 5-5

Philadelphia minus 3 v Kansas City. The Philadelphia Eagles spoiled their own home opener by not covering…anyone! The Kansas City Chiefs are a more balanced and limited offensive attack that will not be able to throw for 300 plus yards with Alex Smith at the helm. As long as Jamaal Charles doesn’t break off large runs and Michael Vick remains upright, the Eagles will win this one 31-23.

Minnesota minus 6.5 v. Cleveland. Goodbye Trent Richardson, hello Brian Hoyer. The Cleveland Browns offensive situation is offensive. They have a good defense but Peterson alone should be able to outscore the Browns. Minnesota Vikings 21-10.

New Orleans minus 7.5 v. Arizona. The Arizona Cardinals won last week. Chances are that lowers the probability of that event recurring this Sunday. New Orleans Saints are tough at home and the offense is yet to show its signature breakout ability and I think that will be showcased this week against the Cardinals. Saints win 45-24.

Baltimore plus 3 v. Houston. No Ray Rice? No problem. The Houston Texans could easily be 0-2 and so could the Baltimore Ravens, but I like Baltimore at home to eke this one out. Torrey Smith has a breakout game and the hampered abilities of Arian Foster lead to offensive stagnation for the Texans. Ravens 20-16.

Seattle minus 19.5 v Jacksonville. TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW. Oh wait, not yet. The Jacksonville Jaguars are pathetic, Maurice Jones-Drew is hurt and Blaine Gabbert is out (which might make this bet worse). The Seattle Seahawks are true birds of prey at home and will set up scores with their defense and Russel Wilson, along with Beastmode Marshawn Lynch will contribute to a blowout. Seattle 38-3


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