Miley Cyrus: Hannah Erotica

I know you’ve seen it, I know you’ve seen it, and you’re a good person….but I know you’ve seen it. That intoxicating melody of Robin Thicke’s mediocre sex themed song setting it yet? First of all, why do people watch the Video Music Awards? Second of all, why do we care about Miley Cyrus? Thirdly, Britney Spears.

1. Who cares about the VMA’s? Imma let you finish but it’s just a cesspool of manufactured drama and controversy that is designed so you watch the next year and talk about it (yes, like I am now).

2. Hannah Montana is not real and Miley Cyrus has a manager, people. She wants to make money and remaining relevant is her only ticket to doing that, so she took advantage of the biggest stage she could find.

3. That manager is the same as Britney Spears employed. Remember the mousketeer? Then the python, then the loss of clothing, then the Madonna kiss at THE VMA’S, then the shaved head, then the $10 million or whatever she makes to be on the X Factor. Miley is doing the same thing because the business begs her too.

A simple solution to your outrage. Stop listening to awful music. Today’s music industry is more about industry than music. The songs are awful, the lyrics are juvenile, the melodies are computer generated, and the visuals are all sexual in nature. How dare you complain to the world that Miley Cyrus is corrupting your 14 year old daughter when you’re the one that lets her listen to Robin Thicke in the first place. Call it like it is, or prohibit the filth altogether. It’s a business that has nothing to do with music, quality, or decency, so questioning the merits of the VMA’s debacle on those dimensions is idiotic. Just change the channel, read a book, play a guitar, or embrace it for the soft core porn young celebrities represent and the fact that it is worth millions. But, please don’t make this a moral conversation when you’re watching MTV and the lyrics “I know you want it” are repeating in your head when you sit at work and while your daughter sits in school….


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