MLB Trade Deadline Special

A quick rundown of every MLB team and what their status is and what their plans should be.

Baltimore Orioles-Moderate Buyers=They already acquired Feldman to lengthen the rotation and K-Rod in the back end of the pen but a DH bat would be intriguing. Kendrys Morales or Marlon Byrd would fit.

Boston Red Sox-Moderate Buyers-They don’t need much unless they are willing to pony up and acquire Jake Peavy which I don’t think they will or should. Fly ball righty in Fenway.

New York Yankees-Moderate Sellers-If the phone rings about Joba Chamberlain and or Phil Hughes answer it. The compensation for Hughes has to mitigate the potentially lost first round pick compensation that would be received once he leaves in free agency so that decreases the likelihood of getting a deal done. If Michael Young could be acquired cheaply, a suspended A-Rod could easily be replaced at 3B.

Toronto Blue Jays-Sellers-They will do nothing, which is what they should’ve done last November before acquiring those winning studs from the Marlins. Trade Johnson and Buehrle and Jannsen but they won’t. Lind should go too.

Tampa Bay Rays-Moderate Buyers-This risky acquisition of injured Jesse Crain makes sense. They don’t have much else to add however.

Chicago White Sox-Fire sale sellers-Rangers are out for Alex Rios but they should listen to calls about Rios, Alexei Ramirez, Alejandro De Aza for sure, and Peavy but only at the right price. Peavy is a bargain next year at 14.5 million for one year so they would have to bring back a decent haul.

Cleveland Indians-Buyers-They could still use starting pitching depth but this market is lacking. It would have been conceivable to deal Asdrubal Cabrera at one point in time but now their success forbids them from doing so. The bullpen is weak and could be upgraded.

Detroit Tigers-Moderate Buyers-They added Jose Veras which was cheaper than Joe Nathan so I think they are done. However, left field should be addressed. This team is awful defensively and Dirks is not a strength so a utility outfielder with speed would be beneficial.

Kansas City Royals-Nothing-They won’t trade Ervin Santana because they won’t get enough in return so, beyond that, there is nothing to discuss. In my opinion, they should trade Greg Holland because he would instantly become the top reliever on the market. The Red Sox and Pirates would be calling immediately. His value is at its highest now but they won’t pull the trigger.

Minnesota Twins-Fire Sale-Justin Morneau must be traded. The Orioles could be a destination. Glen Perkins and Jared Burton should also be dealt from the pen along with Jamey Carroll as a utility player.

Houston Astros-Moderate Sellers-They did what they had to do in trading Jose Veras. Now, sit back and wait in case the Braves or Red Sox overwhelm you for Bud Norris but that is doubtful.

Los Angeles Angels-Moderate Sellers-They dealt Downs which they should have. Beyond that, this team is going nowhere so if the right offer for Howie Kendrick comes along, or Erick Aybar to say the Cardinals or Kendrick to the Dodgers? Take it.

Oakland Athletics-Buyers-They have young talent to deal. Jake Peavy would be a perfect fit for the ballpark and the team at the right asking price. A veteran hitter like Michael Cuddyer could be a nice lineup strengthener too.

Seattle Mariners-Nothing-This team is mostly young so they won’t do much at the deadline. They want Morales back next year so they will hold onto him.

Texas Rangers-Buyers-Nelson Cruz will be suspended, so who fills in? My guess is Hunter Pence but it won’t be cheap. They could look at Delmon Young as a cheaper option as well. Hold onto Joe Nathan. I don’t foresee a big deal coming however because they gave up a decent amount for Garza who they desperately needed.

San Francisco Giants-Sellers-Sergio Romo, Tim Lincecum, and Hunter Pence should all be marketed heavily. Scutaro could be dealt as well. The asking prices will and should be high but one of those players should be unloaded.

San Diego Padres-Nothing-You can’t trade Headley because there is no team. Marquis is on the DL so he can’t be dealt. Joe Thatcher and Huston Street should DEFINITELY be dealt but their unwillingness to do so in the past makes me cautious to predict that they will deal either one.

Los Angeles Dodgers-Buyers-Shocking I know. They could use infield depth for sure and it would be nice to find a taker for Andre Ethier who will most certainly be put on waivers. The bullpen needs help but the rotation is squared away now. Unfortunately they missed out on Scott Downs.

Colorado Rockies-Sellers-Cuddyer has incredible value right now but has one year remaining on his deal which will make for a tough decision. Betancourt is on the DL so all in all, there isn’t much to sell here unless someone calls about Tyler Colvin.

Arizona Diamondbacks-Buyers-They could use a starting pitcher like Jake Peavy, Phil Hughes, Bud Norris and so on. Michael Young would be an interesting addition here.

St. Louis Cardinals-Buyers-Cliff Lee is in their prospect price range but they are extremely and justifiably hesitant to part with Wacha, Martinez, Rosenthal, and others. I think they will stand pat but Alexei Ramirez could be a nice addition at shortstop.

Pittsburgh Pirates-Buyers-Trade for Alex Rios. That would be a big splash, but maybe only for the sake of making one, so that would be a tough internal decision. The bullpen has been overworked so a veteran arm or even a Joba Chamberlain would be a nice fit to help deepen their pen.

Milwaukee Brewers-Sellers-Not sure what they are selling though. Aoki maybe. No one wants Yovani Gallardo or John Axford and Jim Henderson doesn’t command enough to necessitate a deal.

Cincinnati Reds-Buyers-They need an outfielder. De Aza or Byrd would fill in nicely until Ludwick maybe returns.

Chicago Cubs-Nothing-They don’t have much less to sell and have done well so far in their three deals.

Washington Nationals-Sellers-Gasp, yes they should sell. Drew Storen and or Tyler Clippard could bring in some value. Adam LaRoche to Baltimore makes some sense too but I think they are done for the playoffs.

Philadelphia Phillies-Fire Sale-They won’t do it but they should. Trade Lee and his absurd contract, trade Michael Young because he has value, trade Delmon Young because he is stealing potential playing time and cotton candy from the cotton candy vendor and trade Carlos Ruiz. Why not? Oh and get a muzzle in one of those trades so you can shut Jonathan Papelbon up.

New York Mets-Sellers-Byrd should go. Parnell at the right price would be a good deal to make also because they are not going to compete until 2015.

Miami Marlins-Sellers-Trade Justin Ruggiano. The Rangers and others would listen. Trade Steve Cishek. The Pirates and Red Sox and Dodgers would listen.

Atlanta Braves-Buyers-They need another starter. Maholm is hurt and declining anyway. I would give Chicago what they want for Peavy who could replace Tim Hudson on the mound and in the clubhouse. The Scott Downs pickup was solid.


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