The Midsummer Classic and Baseball Primer


It is that time of year again, or at least this year, it’s really late compared to the past few years. Always played on a Tuesday, the Major League Baseball All-Star game is probably the most fun ASG to watch out of all the professional sports, and it actually (sort of) means something. Although it is going to be played at the home of the grody New York Mets this year, this blogger is still hoping for a National League win and continued dominance by Philadelphia players at Citi Field, just like they’ve done all year in the Big Apple. To celebrate, myself, Thurston Howell and new author Jonathan Drama will be live blogging the game, throwing our thoughts, trolls, and random baseball facts at you in the form of a continually updated post. Blogging will start around roughly game time or a little after (aka whenever I get out of work), which knowing all the pomp and circumstance that Bud Selig and baseball loves, will probably be around 9 PM EST (even though the TV broadcast is slated to start at 8). Drop by during or after the game, and become educated and updated on our thoughts and facts that we have to spread to you, the unenlightened.

That’s not all you have to look forward to though! We’ll be starting our Ballpark Reviews this upcoming Sunday with the Harrisburg Senators, as I’m about to describe below.

harrisburg senators

Throughout the next few months, the writers of this blog will be conducting local baseball semi-professional and professional ballpark reviews of stadiums and parks that are local to the Susquehanna Valley area. The ballparks on the list to review include but are not limited to the following:

Clipper Magazine Stadium – Home of the Lancaster Barnstormers

Sovereign Bank Stadium – Home of the York Revolution

FirstEnergy Stadium – Home of the Reading Fightin’ Phils

Metro Bank Park – Home of the Harrisburg Senators

Citizens Bank Park – Home of the Philadelphia Phillies

Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Home of the Baltimore Orioles

Obviously, since the quality of semi-pro baseball differs vastly from that of pro baseball, the grades will still use the same scale, but be judged on entirely different levels or expectations. The predetermined scale of how venues will be judged will be as follows, with a total score being out of 100, and each category being scored on a scale of 0-10. As far as the scale goes, for comparison purposes, a 0 means utterly horrible, a 5 is totally average, nothing special at all, and a 10 is vastly superior in whatever way mentioned.

  1. Accessibility/Parking – ease of access, congestion, walking distance, price
  2. Tickets – ease of purchase, availability, price, physical quality of said tickets
  3. Beer – prices, temperature, variety
  4. Architecture/Design – physical nature, cleanliness, scoreboard
  5. Atmosphere – ballpark “buzz”, fan knowledge/behavior
  6. Concessions – quality of food, price of food, uniqueness value
  7. ADD Generation Appeal – souvenirs, things to do besides the game
  8. Intangibles – seat comfort, staff friendliness, bathrooms, etc.
  9. Warm-up Entertainment – in between innings activities, 7th inning stretch, music, scoreboard specialties
  10. Game Quality – fan interest, competitive play, closeness to action

EC (Extra Credit) – Anything that merits extra points

Also, (we hope) included will be the games attendance and a list of everything we bought along with its prices. Stay tuned and watch out for the first review!


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