Playing Pool and Wild Darts, Video Games

Yes, I stole the title of this post from the lyrics of a Lana Del Rey song. No, I don’t care, it seems to fit perfectly.

Everything in this category archive will be primarily written by myself, with the others sprinkling in their bits of knowledge where they see fit. These posts are going to not just encompass video games, but any type of game that’s not a “sport” and we feel like covering. Maybe we will discuss how Monopoly Jr. skewed our perception of reality, or how the fishing system of Oregon Trail 5 is the most flawed thing on the face of the planet.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re going to skip over console gaming either. As a longtime Xbox owner, I will definitely be highlighting whatever news and major releases are made available over the summer months, although I don’t expect to personally get around to a brand new release review until Grand Theft Auto 5 in the early fall. I plan on buying the Xbox One at some point as well, putting me in what seems to be the minority for the next generation of gaming consoles, but I have my reasoning (Halo).

But not to fret PlayStation fans, our resident expert Thurston Howell will be covering any Sony exclusives and news, along with his argument on why he will eventually be buying the PS4 as well.

I will say a few things on games that I will not be covering at all. Any $60 sports game roster update I am without a doubt personally skipping over, although one of my co-writers may choose to waste their time in such endeavours. Also, if the main characters of the game look like they could star in a hentai film, there isn’t a chance I am about it. Sorry Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Fable, and Tekken lovers, but those games are simply not up my alley, and mostly not on Xbox, so do not be expecting any reviews or news about things that I just don’t care about.

Other than that though, I will without a doubt be reviewing some major fall releases, such as Batman Arkham Origins, the aforementioned GTA V, and Assassin’s Creed IV. Shortly after those releases will be when the brand new consoles will drop, and I will be taking a look at each one and its merits based on what it actually is at that time, instead of mere speculation. Until then, I plan on from time to time throwing in a Saturday Afternoon Flashback, which is bringing up an older game that I used to play, and giving it a little bit of a rehash playthrough and review in comparison to how I recalled it as a kid. Mostly anything is fair game in this feature, from DOS Shell games, to the Commodore 64, all the way up to Playstation 2 and Parcheesi. Just keep checking back, and I am sure that once we get the ball rolling I will definitely be posting whenever I have the chance.


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